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Since 1989, Ten Oaks Pharmacy has been a patient-oriented pharmacy that has provided Glenelg and its surrounding communities with their skilled retail pharmacy services, superior medications, and health products for their patients healthy well-being. Ten Oaks Pharmacy has developed over the past years on its strong fundamentals of outstanding customer service, trusted advice and care for their health. At Ten Oaks Pharmacy, we make every effort to give our best to seek wellness and a happier life for each family.

Why Choose Us?

Here are 5 great reasons to choose Ten Oaks Pharmacy.

  • Competitive Price
    – If you have a prescription card, the price you pay for a medication at Ten Oaks Pharmacy is usually the same as the price you pay at any other pharmacy.
  • Personal Pharmacist Care
    – Your Ten Oaks pharmacist can be a big help — whether it’s answering a question about a prescription, or helping you choose the right over-the-counter medication, your personal relationship with your local and knowledgeable family pharmacist is another reason to choose Ten Oaks Pharmacy.
  • Excellent High-Quality Service
    – How many times have you visited a store and not recognized the employees from one visit to the next? Ten Oaks Pharmacy work hard to hire and keep the best employees in your town. This continuity means that when you visit us, you’ll see familiar faces and you’ll receive the kind of personal, one-on-one attention you and your family deserve.
  • Medication Synchronization and Adherence
    – We make sure that your computerized prescription history is up-to-date and that prescriptions work well with other medications. Drug interactions are meticulously checked for our patient safety. Medication synchronization is highly prioritized for our patient’s convenience, thereby reducing their multiple trips and time to the pharmacy and improving their medication adherence.
  • Ten Oaks Pharmacy is Locally Owned and Operated
    – Because they are members of the community, the entire Ten Oaks Pharmacy staff work every day to make sure you have the products and services you need at a competitive price. They’re here today, and they’ll be here tomorrow. Ten Oaks Pharmacy has been serving the Glenelg and surrounding communities since 1989.